My Retreat From Everyday Life

Most of the hours in my day go into my business as a veterinarian. As the owner of The Woodland Animal Hospital since 1988, our focus is on providing professional and quality healthcare to pets. My other passion is playing guitar which started long before I entered MSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

I start each day with a couple hours of practicing my skills playing the guitar and singing. To support this passion, I attend workshops to surround myself with other individuals who share the love of music.

Fur Peace Ranch

In 1999 Jorma and his wife Vanessa opened the Fur Peace Ranch in Meigs County Ohio on a beautiful 300 acres of forest. Today, I call it more of a musical institute. Jorma Kaukonen is a founding member of the Jefferson Airplane which came to define the musical directions of the 60s. He and founding member Jack Casady have been playing music together for over 50 years. They still tour extensively today in their band Hot Tuna.

The camp brings in world-class recording artists to teach four days intensive guitar and music workshops twice a month from March to November each year. In addition, there is a Concert venue with weekly concerts given by renown artists. The very interesting Psylodelic art gallery showcases numerous art shows outlining the musical journey of the 60s.

For me, it’s a magical place where a musician can leave the responsibilities of daily life behind for a moment and focus all of our attention on being better musicians. It’s inspiring and recharging.  You’re sure to find me attending a number of the workshops and concerts every year.


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